The association id·eau came about as a result of its founders’ concerns over the state of our water resources – both now and in the future - and because things seem to be getting worse by the day.

Many citizens not surprisingly condemn the present state of affairs. id·eau’s aim is to raise awareness and encourage initiatives by organizing events  to bring together the general public, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and students.


We want to come up with sustainable solutions but also to concentrate our energy on creating ‘L’eau en biennale’, a biennial festival to celebrate water.



Short, original and sometimes quirky, the id.eau newsletters will be issued drop by drop, directly from La Source (The Spring).

By subscribing, you take the plunge (but with no risk of drowning), catch up with our ideas … and get the dates of our aperitifs (not restricted to water, we hasten to add).

‘L’eau en biennale’: Together let’s make

the Festival of Water

a reality!


id·eau is a young association, just preparing to set sail. Come on board and explore our site !





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